A new breed of online celebrity: ‘Weirdo’ with the perfect fake ID


An Oregon woman was busted for impersonating a police officer when she was arrested last week for trying to pose as a police detective to gain access to her estranged husband’s online dating profile.

The arrest comes after a number of celebrities have faced similar charges, including singer-actor Jamiroquai and comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

The suspect, who has not been named by authorities, used the fake police officer’s name and photo on her social media profiles, according to the sheriff’s office.

The woman also had the victim’s driver’s license number, which matched the photo on the suspect’s profile.

Authorities said they found the suspect and her husband’s phone records and found the phone number of a business she was listed as a director of.

A spokeswoman for the sheriff said the woman has been arrested and is facing criminal charges.

The woman had previously told authorities she had used the police officer to access the victim after she was divorced and had moved to Oregon.

Authorities also said she had been in contact with the suspect in the past.

“It’s pretty clear that the suspect had some contact with a suspect in that case, which is consistent with this incident,” the sheriff says in a statement.

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