French PM calls for independence for ‘people’s republic’


LEBANESE PRESS: A new conservative newspaper has announced a pledge to hold elections as early as next year, in a bid to establish a new republic for the country’s “people’s Republic”.

A “new” republic is a political entity which is created in accordance with the Constitution and which enjoys legislative, executive and judicial powers.

The party, called Les République, announced that its president, Alain Juppe, will run in the 2017 presidential election, as well as in 2018 parliamentary elections.

It is also running for the next round of local elections.

“In order to secure the best outcome for the French people, Les RéPublique has decided to start a national referendum, which will take place on October 9, 2019,” Les Réprochères said in a statement.

“The first round of the referendum will take the form of a simple question, namely, ‘Which of the following options should be adopted as the national constitutional basis of a new Republic for the People’s Republic?’

A total of 7,500,000 people will take part in the referendum.

The next round, the national referendum on November 10, will be called on the basis of the same question.”

The French constitution gives the Republic a five-year period to be established and the constitution does not give any specific date.

The first presidential elections are scheduled for November 2021.

A French referendum on sovereignty would be a rare moment for the new Republic, as it would be its first time in a democracy.

But, given the country is still divided, it could also set the stage for an increasingly difficult constitutional struggle, with France’s two main parties fighting over the direction of the country.

The National Assembly, the upper house of parliament, has the power to approve or reject a proposal on a proposed referendum.

A number of other constitutional issues are also in the spotlight, including the creation of a national health system, a new retirement age and the independence of the judiciary.

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