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The Bangla News (Bangladesh) is a local news magazine with a circulation of roughly 20,000.

It is owned by Bangladesh News Network (BNN), a subsidiary of the global media conglomerate DST Group.

The BNN is one of the largest and most successful news and information companies in Bangladesh.

It also owns the national newspaper, the Dhaka Tribune, which is the official news service of Bangladesh.

BNN and its employees are also responsible for providing news coverage in various media outlets across Bangladesh, as well as providing a range of other services, such as online news, news-monitoring, and business development.

The paper has been running since 2006 and was launched as the News and Information Channel in the country.

BNN also owns an international online news channel called Global News, which serves as the national news service.

The company owns several other media outlets and a news portal called News.

The online edition of the paper has a wide variety of news stories, including the latest headlines, editorials, and commentary.

While the newspaper is a popular and trusted source of news in Bangladesh, it is also a source of controversy, especially in the past few years.

The issue of sexual harassment and abuse allegations has become a political issue in the media in recent years, especially after several high-profile incidents involving journalists and political leaders.

In July 2017, BN News published a story entitled “Why we can’t sleep peacefully,” which contained a detailed account of the alleged sexual harassment of several female journalists in the Dhakwada, a suburb of the capital, Dhaka.

The story contained allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior and sexual assault by several male journalists.

Some of the allegations were made by men and women, some were made against one another, and some involved several men.

Several women and girls spoke out against the story.

BNC News published the story, and the police opened an investigation into the allegations.

A group of women members of the Dhapwa, a small village in Dhaka’s Dhaka district, protested in front of BNC, demanding that the newspaper stop publishing the story and apologize to the women, who have since filed complaints with police.

In September 2017, a number of female journalists filed a complaint with the police alleging that BN N conducted an investigation against them for publishing the article, and that the investigation was carried out with an official probe into the allegation.

The police investigated the complaint, and issued an arrest warrant against a woman journalist who allegedly posted the article on social media.

In February 2018, the police also launched a criminal investigation into an allegation made by a woman against two male journalists of sexual misconduct.

In March 2018, a woman accused three male journalists, including a journalist from the Dhana Tribune, of sexual assault, rape, and threats of violence.

The men have denied the allegations, and have been arrested by the police.

Several female journalists also filed a police complaint with police alleging sexual harassment in the wake of the BN news article.

The women have since accused BN of using the police for political purposes, including in an attempt to silence them.

In June 2018, BNN News published an apology to the victims of the sexual harassment allegations, stating that it had “deeply regretted the publication of the story,” adding that it “did not intend to harm anyone.”

In December 2018, after a series of complaints against the newspaper, BNC announced that it would stop publishing stories and editorials based on sexual harassment, as a response to the harassment allegations.

According to a report by the National Human Rights Commission, BNs article on sexual violence and harassment was published without a warning to the media, and without any notice to the victim or her family.

According the commission, the article was written in English, which was not translated, and was not vetted by human rights lawyers before it was published.

In November 2018, at least two male employees at the paper were accused of assaulting a woman reporter and threatening her.

The incident reportedly occurred in March 2017, and two more male employees allegedly assaulted another woman reporter, and threatened her life.

Two female journalists were allegedly sexually assaulted by two men at the Dharkhara news outlet in May 2017.

The two men reportedly threatened the women journalists’ lives and their families.

The same month, at the same news outlet, a male employee was accused of sexually assaulting a female journalist and threatened to kill her.

According a report in the newspaper’s website, the two employees, who had been employed by the newspaper for several years, were also accused of sexual abuse by a female colleague.

The news outlet has since been shut down.

The alleged sexual assault of a female reporter at the Bangladesh Tribune, on February 23, 2018, sparked protests and condemnation across the country, and led to a nationwide investigation.

The Dhakwa News newspaper has also been accused of promoting a culture of sexual violence against women, and in January 2018, it was banned from all media outlets

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