New York City’s mayor on his first day in office


NEW YORK — New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and the New York Police Department are in charge of the city’s new police commissioner, while the New Yorkers’ city attorney, Joseph DiGenova, is leading the legal case against Eric Garner.

The mayor and the NYPD, the city attorney said Wednesday, have “reached a very significant milestone in our fight against racism and discrimination.”

“It is with deep gratitude and gratitude that we must announce that our first day on the job as New York’s first African American mayor of our city is officially upon us,” de Blasio said in a statement.

“I am pleased to welcome my new colleague, the outstanding, tireless, tirelessly dedicated police commissioner.”

The NYPD, which is the nation’s largest law enforcement agency, has been under fire for its handling of Garner’s death, which prompted nationwide protests.

The city’s mayor said he was confident the department will “do a great job” and that he is committed to helping those most impacted by racial bias.

The new commissioner will be charged with “rebuilding trust and confidence between the public and police officers and citizens,” deBlasio said.

He also said that the department is “committed to working with the community” to “address the concerns raised by the Garner family.”

He said that “the police department and our police departments partners will continue to work collaboratively to achieve positive results, including reducing crime and providing more opportunity for all New Yorkers.”