New York Times Op-Ed: Trump’s New York Deal Is Not Just Bad For People


The New York Post published a scathing editorial in Tuesday’s edition, accusing Trump of selling out the state of New York.

The editorial reads in part: Trump, the most unpopular president in the country’s history, is selling out New York State by negotiating a deal with Governor Andrew Cuomo that allows his administration to keep control of the state’s most populous city and its biggest transit hub.

It is a bad deal, especially when you consider that a majority of New Yorkers already oppose it.

Trump has tried to make a deal in the past, including in 2013 when he brokered a deal that gave the state control of Long Island.

But that deal was never signed and Cuomo has made it clear that he will veto it.

New Yorkers also want the governor to take steps to reverse the damage caused by the Great Recession and protect jobs.

They have a choice.

They can vote for Trump, who is not fit to be president, and continue to pay a price for the bad economic times we’ve had, or they can vote to keep the status quo and pay a much larger price for our economic failures.

The Post’s editorial is part of a growing chorus of voices in the New York media calling for Trump to step down.

Trump is not the only president in recent memory to make deals with governors, including Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

The former president has also repeatedly struck deals with New York mayors, as well as local governments.

Trump’s latest deal is also far more expensive than any previous one, and will likely cost taxpayers millions of dollars more than any other deals he has made with state leaders.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, the New Yorker has also announced they will not be renewing the state contract that Trump has already signed, saying it is time for a new era of cooperation.

In fact, New York’s agreement with Trump is the worst deal in history.

It has made the New Yorkers of New Jersey, New Jersey and Delaware more vulnerable to financial ruin and will do nothing to help them recover.

Trump could have easily signed off on a deal like this one, as long as he knew the New Jersey state Legislature was poised to vote on a bill that would require the governor’s signature to issue any new contracts with the state.

Instead, the deal is bad for New York state and bad for the country.