Rapper Drake raps on ‘Crazy’ verse of Rihanna song on the R&B hit


The R&b singer and her team have been involved in the RIAA lawsuit against Drake over a song that contains lyrics that contain sexual abuse imagery. 

According to the suit filed on Friday, Drake is responsible for the lyrics of the song that appeared on Rihanna’s “Love Yourself.”

In the song, Drake rapped, “The R& b scene ain’t the same without the girls.”

The lyrics were written by rapper D.R.A.M. and the lyrics appeared on the track “Crazy.” 

In response to the RICO lawsuit, Drake tweeted Friday: “I know what you all are thinking, and I’m glad it’s me.

I’m just going to stay quiet for now.

It’s been a crazy week but I am still alive, man.” 

Drake has denied that he wrote the lyrics. 

“It’s been crazy week, man,” Drake tweeted in April.

“It’s not about my song, it’s not even about my life.

It is about what the RZA has done to me, and the people who I love.

I can’t imagine the pain that I’ve caused for them.”