T.J. Miller: I’m a ‘totally different’ rapper


T. J. Miller is taking his new project to the world with the release of a new mixtape, The Future, which features collaborations with Migos, Future Islands, Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert and others.

It also features an interview with Migoes’ T.I.

In addition, the project will feature new tracks from Future, Young T. I. and Future Islands.

Miller says he is trying to make “a music album that’s different, but still has the same spirit.”

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J.-Miller T.M.A. (T.J.-M.I.) has had a busy year so far.

In August, he announced he had signed to Warner Bros. and signed to Columbia Records.

His sophomore mixtape in 2017, The Real Thing, featured Migos and Future.

The mixtape followed up with the debut album The Future on June 22.

In 2017, Miller released his debut mixtape of music, The Promise, on the iTunes store.

In June, he debuted the single, “Grow Up,” and in November, he released the single “My Dream.”

He has since signed to the Warner Bros label, and his first album, The Present, was released in February 2018.

Miller, a native of Miami, has been touring and working with his label, T. M.A., since 2017.

He has also collaborated with artists including Future Islands and Migos.

In 2018, Miller joined the roster of artists for the first time.

The Future mixtape features collaborations from Future Islands on “Grew Up,” Migos on “Future,” Lil Uzz, T-Pain and many more.

Miller also collaborated on the mixtape with Future and Young Thugs.

He also contributed the track “I Got You.”

Miller also had an appearance on the BET Hip-Hop Awards 2018, along with Young Thicks, Lil T, Future and Migas.

Miller is currently slated to release his sophomore album, the Future, on March 24, 2019.

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