The Palm Beach Sun’s bogus ‘scandal’ has a new victim


It is unclear if the Sun will be punished for the false story, but one of its reporters was fired last week for allegedly fabricating an interview with a woman with an extramarital affair.

The Palm Beach Post’s James Taggart, who wrote the story, was terminated for his role in the story and was also barred from publishing articles from the Sun for the next six months, according to a statement provided to The Associated Press.

Taggart did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

He was suspended without pay for two months and has been barred from reporting from the paper for two more months, the statement said.

Targaryen was a top adviser to ousted president Donald Trump who ran the Trump Organization during his 2016 presidential bid.

The Sun had hired Taggard, who has since become an executive producer of the Fox News Channel show “The Five,” for a story on the family’s ties to a local construction company, according the statement.

Tattie, who is also a reporter at the Palm Beach County Herald, told a reporter she was working with an unidentified woman who said she was an extrovert, according an interview published last week by the Post.

The woman, who said her husband was a senior executive at a local developer, said her extramarine affair with the Sun reporter was a lie.

The paper’s story is the latest in a series of fake news scandals to hit the Sun in recent years.

In February, the paper reported that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort had agreed to meet with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Manafort was indicted on federal charges in July.

In March, a reporter from the Daily Mail published an explosive story alleging that British intelligence was monitoring a woman who was married to the former prime minister.

That story prompted a warning from the UK’s National Security Council that “there is a real risk that this newspaper could be targeted for a disinformation campaign against the UK.”

In May, The New York Times published a story alleging a Russian billionaire who had been under scrutiny in the United States for alleged tax evasion had donated $10 million to the Republican Party and had ties to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The billionaire, Alexander Bortnikov, has denied the allegations and has said he was unaware of any payments he was making to the Trump campaign.

In September, The Washington Post reported that the Trump team was considering firing White House press secretary Sean Spicer over an exchange he had with a reporter who asked why Trump had said the United Kingdom was not a “great place” for a journalist who covered his father’s business.

Spicer was later fired.

In November, The Hill reported that Trump had denied a reporter’s allegations that he had told him the country’s top diplomat had said he believed the former British leader was guilty of treason.

The report did not say whether Spicer had denied any such allegations.

In December, a former White House aide told the AP that he was forced to resign after the paper published an interview he had conducted with Trump in 2005.

He said he felt threatened and that the paper had lied about his role and credibility.

The AP also reported in October that The Washington Times, the Sun and Fox News were among those reporting that White House adviser Sebastian Gorka had been ousted over allegations he was a “white supremacist.”

The AP said Gorka has denied any ties to white supremacy and said he left the Trump administration to return to his native Hungary.

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