What Chinese media is saying about Canada’s immigration debate


Canada’s Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney, is reportedly worried about a potential backlash from Chinese-language media in Canada.

According to the Toronto Star, Kenney told reporters Monday that he would like to see Chinese-speaking journalists covering the immigration debate in Canada, even if the results are negative.

Kenney said he believes that if China-language journalists continue to report on the immigration debates in Canada that it could lead to more of an anti-immigration narrative in the country.

While Kenney said there are some advantages to Chinese-Canadian journalists covering immigration, he said he was worried about the negative impact it could have on the country’s reputation.

“You have a lot of Chinese-Canadians in Canada who are journalists and they don’t necessarily have a vested interest in it,” he said.

“They have a stake in this country, but they also have a strong interest in their own country.”

In a statement, the Chinese-owned Global Times said that Kenney’s comments “reflect a misunderstanding of the role of Chinese media in a democratic society and their contribution to shaping the national discourse.”

“We believe the Chinese media should be used to better inform and entertain,” the paper said.

“We hope that the Canadian public will not allow China’s growing influence to erode our national identity.”