What is ‘Desert Sun’ newspaper


U.S. newspaper the Deseret News is set to publish an article titled “Desert sun” which will report the “fatalities” caused by the recent flooding.

The article is expected to be published Wednesday, but could be delayed if the National Guard needs more time to secure the area.

A spokesperson for the newspaper, who asked not to be named, told The DeseretNews that it was planning to publish the article this week.

“The article will tell the stories of those who lost their lives in the recent floods and the toll they took on families,” the spokesperson said.

“This is a first for the Desert Sun and we are excited to have this opportunity.”

A video released on social media on Wednesday morning shows a boat parked at the bottom of a ravine on the island of Guyana, where floodwaters have overwhelmed the island’s beaches.

The video was filmed on Wednesday afternoon in the early morning hours, after the Descent River began to crest.

It shows people on a boat paddling through a shallow creek, which flows into the river.

The Descent river has flooded more than 80,000 acres of Guyanas beach since Friday, when a tropical storm hit the island.

The flooding has forced many families to relocate and has led to a number of deaths, according to the Descend River Disaster Management Network.

The National Guard has been deployed to the island and is preparing to assist with water rescue efforts, the spokesperson added.

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