What’s next for the New York Times?


By Jennifer MasciaNext Big Future.comSeptember 18, 2018.

10:03pm| Next Big News| Share: Twitter| Facebook| Linkedin The New York Sun is coming to New York City, and the Times is not happy.

The Sun is no stranger to the Times.

The Sun has been publishing in New York since 1857, but it has never been a newspaper that has published at the Times’ scale and quality.

But on September 17, the Sun will make the Times its new home.

The new owner of the Times, the publisher of The Sun, is the new owner’s family, which also includes former president-elect Donald Trump.

The Times will continue to publish in New Jersey, but the Sun’s editorial operations will be moved to Times Square in New Castle County.

The paper will still be publishing from its current offices in Brooklyn.

The New York newspaper will continue as a daily newspaper, but its circulation will be reduced to 200,000 and its staff will be cut in half, from about 300 to 80.

The New Jersey newspaper will be discontinued entirely, with the paper’s editorial staff shrinking from 350 to 60.

The city will have a new daily newspaper with a circulation of about 300,000.

The Times is expected to close the newspaper’s doors at midnight local time (8 a.m.

ET) on September 19.

The new owner will announce the news in an online statement.

“The Times has been a valued part of New York history and culture for more than 200 years.

But with this deal, the Times will be the last remaining newspaper in New America, a newspaper with unique advantages that will help build a thriving journalism and journalism education industry, as well as a place to continue to provide important news and commentary about issues of global importance,” the Times said in a statement.

It’s a big deal for the Times to have an entirely new paper in New Yorks paper, said John Bresnahan, a professor of journalism at the University of New Hampshire and an expert on newspaper ownership.

“This is a big step in the right direction for the paper and its readers, and I think it’s an important one for the community, because this is the beginning of a much larger effort to bring journalism back to New York and New Jersey,” Bresnick said.

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