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Posted October 13, 2018 07:33:00 The Philippines has been rocked by a string of mass murders, including the murders of two young men at a shopping mall in the capital Manila on Friday.

The latest victim, 24-year-old Manuel Antonio, was gunned down at the shopping mall as he and his two friends walked home from a party on Wednesday night.

His death has sparked protests across the country and the country’s police chief says he has arrested three men suspected of his murder.

Police have launched an investigation into the killing of the young man, who was a frequent visitor to the shopping district.

He had been staying with a family member.

On Wednesday night, police were called to a bar where a man had been shot dead.

He was a suspect in the murder of another man who was shot and killed by a group of people in the area around 10:30pm, police said.

On Friday, a 29-year old man was shot dead outside a home in Manila’s Mactan district.

Another man, a 27-year year old, was shot in the leg and another in the arm.

They are both in critical condition.

Authorities say the killings have triggered a wave of anger and resentment against the Philippine government.

President Rodrigo Duterte has repeatedly called for revenge against the killers and called for a new war against terrorism.

The Philippines is currently battling a wave, mainly from China, of Islamist militants.

Some countries have blamed the Philippines for supporting Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or IS, which is a designated foreign terrorist organisation.

However, in a speech on Wednesday, Duterte said his government was working to rid the country of “terrorists”.

The Philippines hosts about 1.5 million refugees and is home to more than 5,000,000 people who are mostly Muslim, according to the United Nations.

“If I am elected president, the Philippines will become a safe place for all Filipinos.

I promise that.

And I will work hard to ensure that,” Duterte said.

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