When I was a boy, I was the president of a state newspaper


The trinidadian express newspaper that has long been considered the official state newspaper in the country, has been taken off the air in the wake of a coup attempt.

The state newspaper, the Trinidad Express, had been operating in a closed office at the Presidential Palace in Madrid.

Its owners, the state newspaper and two of its three publishers were taken hostage by a group of soldiers who seized the office in late December.

The government has blamed the attack on the coup attempt but has refused to comment on who was behind the attack.

The Trinidadan Express is not the only national newspaper to be shut down in recent months.

The country’s largest daily newspaper, El Pais, also had its main offices closed in the past year.

The paper has since been relaunched under a new name. 

The Trinasadan Times was also taken off circulation after being seized by coup supporters and replaced by the El Paix daily. 

On Wednesday, the national newspaper published a statement saying it would be relaunching under a different name.

The newspaper has also been banned from distributing official government publications, such as a daily report on the government.

The president of the National Assembly, María José Sánchez de Mireles, has also announced that the National Guard will not be present in the capital, Madrid.

“The Guard will remain in Madrid as a precautionary measure to ensure the security of the country and to protect its citizens,” Ms Mirees said.