When the Israelis were first coming to Israel: ‘I had no idea how it was going to end’


The Israelis were not the first ones to come to Israel, and the most recent ones have been the Israelis who came first.

Many of the people who have come first have had to adjust to a different country, with different rules and rules of living.

So what was the initial reaction to the arrival of the first settlers?

It was like being invited to a wedding and the bride, who was expecting a baby, was not able to attend.

So she was in the hospital and she was ailing.

I was invited to the wedding, but I had no expectations and it was a shock to me that I was in Israel.

Then there were people who came and were happy to come, but they were surprised to see the people of Palestine and to know that they had to leave.

And I was a little surprised when I was there.

So, we had to adapt.

The Israelis are trying to be kind and tolerant and tolerant of us.

That is what we have to do.

The first settlers came to Israel from Spain.

The Spanish colonists were the ones who built the colony of Spain, which is what Israel is today.

They were not so different from us.

It was not the same.

We came first and the Palestinians came later.

We are different and we have different ways of living and different ways to be.

This is our life, and this is how we live it.

That’s what we live.

They came first, and then they were invited, and they are still invited, because Israel is a Jewish state.

The Palestinians, too, were the first people who settled in Israel and the first to become a citizen.

It’s the same story.

So we are the ones coming first.

What do you think?

I don’t know if the Israelis are the first and they won’t come, or if the Palestinians are the second and they will come.

What are your thoughts on this?

What is the point of all this?

I think that Israel has been in existence for many thousands of years.

I don, however, know how long Israel will last.

I think it will be a long time.

But the idea of coming to a place like Israel is different.

The people coming here are from around the world.

They come to live.

And then they live for many years.

They have to adapt to this country.

And there is no other country like Israel.

So that’s what the Israelis have to adjust and do, to adapt, and be kind to the people.

They’re not here to be violent, but to be polite, and to understand each other and to live a better life together.

We don’t want to live in a country that is hostile to us.

But we do want to have peace, and I hope we will be able to achieve it.

When did the Palestinians first come to the land of Israel?

I do not know.

There were some Arabs, but it’s not clear how many.

What were the reasons for this?

They were first.

It is because they wanted to establish a new state.

It has a different name, but the land that we are talking about is the land where the Bible says the Arabs came from.

It comes from the land called the Land of Israel.

That was the reason why we came to this place.

The Arabs were from the region called the Arab states.

And when they came to the area called the West Bank, they came from Egypt, from Jordan, and from Palestine.

When they came there, they were not from the Arab countries.

They didn’t have any connection with the Arab nations.

And they wanted a state.

So they wanted something to call themselves and that is what they called it.

What did the Jews do in the area?

They settled there and they were happy and they came here.

They did not want to be in a place that was hostile to them, and there were a few times when they were harassed by the Arabs.

But what happened?

They moved away, they left, and it’s the Jews who settled down in this part of the land, in the West Wall.

They had no problem with the Arabs or with the settlers, because the settlers were coming to the new state and they had their own laws.

And it is the same thing.

We want to go to the same place and the same laws.

But it is a different place.

They don’t have to follow our laws.

They do not have to obey us.

They can do whatever they want.

And the land is ours.

It belongs to us, and we will use it.

I have seen this, as well, in Gaza.

You can say that the Palestinian side had the better of it.

They won in the end.

But there are other Palestinians who are trying, and are trying hard, to be better, and trying to create a better state.

In Gaza, they did what they could, but there are many problems.

They are living in the same