Which news is more popular in India?


There are more than a billion people living in India.

That number is expected to grow by nearly 10 million this year, according to the Census Bureau.

India has one of the world’s highest per capita consumption of print media, which is the most valuable medium of information in the country.

The country’s largest news media outlets, the National Herald and The Times of India, are two of the country’s biggest sources of revenue.

The two have a combined readership of more than 8 million, according the latest figures from the Indian Press Association.

In 2017, India was No. 4 among the top 10 countries for the number of newspaper subscribers, according a report by the Pew Research Center.

India’s largest newspaper, the Times of Indian, has a circulation of almost 3 million.

The Times, which has its headquarters in Delhi, has more than 2 million readers.

Other top papers in the state include the Hindustan Times, a weekly paper in the western state of Maharashtra, and The Hindu, a daily in the eastern state of Rajasthan.

The largest Indian newspaper, The Times Of India, has 3.4 million readersSource: Mashable/CNN NewsSource: MintPress NewsService via Getty ImagesA young boy holds a picture of his mother, who died in the January 2017 fire at a factory in Chhattisgarh, India, that killed at least 11 workersSource: Bloomberg via GettyImagesIn the past two years, India’s daily newspapers have lost more than 10% of their readership.

The Hindu lost almost 1 million subscribers in 2016 and 2015.

In 2016, the daily paper lost nearly 20% of its readership, according an analysis by India Today, a digital news and opinion website.

The daily paper’s circulation dropped by nearly 2 million in 2016, according research by Forbes India.

In 2017, the government has invested $50 million in five print publications.

The Indian Express is one of them.

The paper’s owner, News Corp, is also a major shareholder in the Hindstoday newspaper.

The newspaper has a readership that is close to 5 million.

The Indian Express has more subscribers than the Times Of Indian, according figures from The TimesofIndia.

The company owns the Times, as well as The Hindu and the Hindsudan, three of India’s four major English-language daily newspapers.

The Hindustans report to News Corp.

The daily Indian has been in a slow decline for years, losing more than 7 million readers in 2016.

The print edition has lost nearly 3 million readers, according data from the Hind-Times.

The monthly newspaper has lost around 2.5 million in 2017, according news reports.

In 2020, the Indian newspaper lost a staggering 3.5m subscribers, the largest decline in circulation in India since 2008, according The Times India, a news website.

This is an estimated 6% of the daily newspaper’s audience in the entire country.

India Today says that this year’s figures are likely to be even worse.

The Hindu has lost more people than the Daily Indian.

The latter lost about 1 million readers last year.

The weekly newspaper has more members than the daily edition of The Hindu.

The Times Of The Indian lost nearly 1.4m subscribers in 2017.

The news site said that the paper lost 3.7 million subscribers this year.

In 2020, it lost nearly 7 million subscribers, India Today said.

India News India says that the daily Indian lost 2.3 million readers as of June 2018.

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